Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 6th European Ground Squirrel Meeting which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on 4–6 November, 2016.

This meeting will bring together scientists from all over the Europe currently working in various research areas of european ground squirrel´s biology and ecology.

The meeting has been hosted by the Instutute of Zoology, Faculty of Biology University of Belgrade (Studentski trg 3).

We look forward to seeing you in Serbia!


Official email of 6th EGS Meeting:




Dear paticipants,

Find attached Program of 6th EGSM and List of participants of 6th EGSM. But please notice there could be some (minor) changes.
There are some important information for you:
Oral presentation is 20 minutes (15 min presentation + 5 min 1-2 brief Q&A)
Poster presentation (in the front of a poster 5 min)
Poster dimension is 80x120 cm (maximum)